My Village Memories - Video - Woodturning

Winterborne Stickland, Clenston, Turnworth, whitechurch, Pimperne & Bere Regis
My Village Memories
As we get older we all like looking back at the early days and they always seem to be better than now.
I am slowly building up a picture of my childhood days in Dorset and putting my memories on here to share.
On this site is also some of my hobbies that I would hate to lose the capability of being able to do.
Video of my village memories of East Chaldon, Winterborne Stickland, Clenston, Turnworth, Pimperne and Bere Regis have all been recorded on DVD and are available on-line on my Village Memories website.
Photograph shows where I used to live in East Chaldon 1954 .
Woodturning in Bere Regis
Woodturning has been a hobby of mine for over 40 years.
I most enjoy making things for people rather than just messing around filling bags with wood shavings.
I’ve not done a lot of wood turning since moving here to Bere Regis but hope to be doing more soon.
I am starting to add some wood turned items for sale to my website very soon, all timber has been obtained and dried by professionals at Yandle and Sons Ltd of Martock in Somerset, a place well worth a visit with lots of wood for turners and carvers alike, tools, lots of different crafts are catered for too and must not forget the lovely tea and cake shop.
Video and DVD'S
I have always been interested in making films since the day's of cine. I still have all the equipment in working order complete with an unopened Kodak colour film.
Captured on video is my village memories of Winterborne Clenston, Winterborne Stickland, Pimperne and Bere Regis.
My village memories DVD's all raise money for different local charities.