New Bere Regis Project
This is just a quick glimpse of a new Bere Regis project...
I would love to complete, putting people ‘in the picture’ that have  memories linked to old photographs in and around the village of Bere Regis.
This was a thought that was provoked whilst viewing some  old pictures put on the village facebook page a little while back.
If you would like to be placed  in  an old  photograph talking  about  your  memories  please  let  me  know  either  by  phone  01929 472661 before 9 pm or via the Bere Regis facebook page.

The  best  option  would  be  to  use  the  secure  online  form  below, (that  way  i wont forget!)
With  input  from  a  few  people  this  could  turn  out  to  be  an  exciting completely  different  project  with  the  idea  that  it  could  be  sold  on  a  DVD for a local worthwhile cause.
If  you  would  like  to  nominate  a  worthwhile  local  cause  then  please contact me.

Although  I propose  to  remake  the  video  above, I thought  it  would  be
an idea to show you the general idea of the project.
I take none of the proceeds from any DVD made for any charity.
The  project  below  was  filmed  using  a green  screen  otherwise  known  as  a chroma screen.

All future video will now be in wide screen format.
A big thank you to Paul and Alison Bennett for the use of old photographs  and  also  volunteering  to  appear  in  the  first experiment.
Please contact me if you would be interested in helping me with this project using the secure link below.
Interested in helping? then please click here